Interview with Days Away
By Bethany Carr

Nowadays when you hear news of bands you mainly hear about their request for more money or some form of drama that they have caused, but Days Away is different. They play solely for the love of music. When asked what they would be doing if they didn’t have music vocalist and keyboard player Keith Goodwin said, “I don’t know what I would do without music because my music is my life.” Another member Tim Arnold, the drummer, said, “I pray every day that we last for a long time and keep playing long into the future.”

The band Days Away was started by four seventh grade boys looking to have some fun after school. The original four consisted of Keith Goodwin, vocals and keyboard, Matt Austin, guitar, Chris Frangicetto, guitar, and Matt Haines, drummer. They began as many bands do with dreams of “making it big” and getting discovered. The band didn’t know if they could obtain these dreams, but the love of music was enough to keep them going for the five years prior to their being discovered. They were friends of a local band called The Starting Line. With the help of The Starting Line, they were discovered by We The People Records. At age 18 they recorded their E/P entitled The Feel Of It. After the success of their E/P the band began performing and they decided to add one more person to their already amazingly talented group. They added their long-time friend Tim Arnold, who plays the drums. Over time Matt Haines decided to not continue with the band and then there were four. They are now on tour with Something Corporate, Mae, and the RX Bandits. When asked how the tour was going they replied, “The tour is going great, we like all the people and we’re good friends with Something Corporate.”

The bands most memorable moment was when guitarist Chris Frangicetto was sick and threw up on stage. This also happened to be Chris’s most embarrassing moment. When I asked the guys how their music might change in the future they said that their music will continually get better. They primarily listen to pretty much anything, and when they were first forming their band they were listening to groups like Pearle Jam, Nirvana, Metallica, Gold Finger, and Farr.

The guys are constantly busy with the tour and traveling all the time, but when they get some free time they said they usually just hang out and relax. Just like most people they each have musical idle which they would love to meet if they could. Chris said if he could meet anyone dead or alive he would want to meet Jim Morrison, Tim would like to meet Frank Zappa, Matt would like to meet either John Lennon or Kirt Cobaine, and Keith would like to meet Frank Sinatra.

Their favorite songs that they play are “It Happens”(Keith), “Keep your voices Down”(Matt), “T. Klein’s Decline”(Tim), and “Flight”(Chris). Speaking of Songs the band has a new CD coming out in Feb. It is unnamed as of right now, but I can assure you it will be at the top of my list of new CDs to buy.

Days Away is a great band with a unique and awesome sound. They are so much more than just a band. They are four amazingly down to earth guys who are doing what they love to do, and I’m sure they will continue playing music for as long as they can. They’re love for music is evident in the quality of their music, and I can definitely say there are no limits to how far this band can go. Days Away is definitely one of the new great sounds of today, and I recommend that everyone pick up a copy of their new CD in February and help them to excel in their music. This band is going to be around for a while.